Things You Might Not Know About BYD Auto


BYD Company Limited, founded in 1995, is a global leader in electronics, automotives, renewable energy, and rail transit. It operates over 30 industrial parks across six continents, focusing on zero-emission energy solutions.

Automotive Sector

BYD’s automotive division manufactures a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles, including buses, trucks, and passenger cars. The company’s proprietary technologies include the Blade Battery, known for its safety and durability, and the DM-i hybrid power technology, which enhances efficiency and reduces emissions by integrating electric and combustion powertrains.

Renewable Energy

BYD offers integrated renewable energy solutions, combining solar power generation with advanced energy storage systems. These solutions aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy use, providing reliable power for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Rail Transit Solutions

BYD’s SkyRail monorail system addresses urban congestion and pollution. SkyRail is an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation, designed for seamless integration into urban environments with minimal disruption.

Global Operations and Impact

BYD’s extensive global network underscores its commitment to zero-emission solutions. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable living, BYD is at the forefront of global efforts to combat climate change and advance sustainable development.

Key Technologies

  • Blade Battery: Enhances safety and longevity in the EV market.
  • DM-i Hybrid Technology: Combines electric and combustion powertrains for improved efficiency.
  • SkyRail: An innovative monorail system designed to reduce urban congestion and pollution.

Through continuous innovation and strategic growth, BYD is making significant contributions towards a zero-emission future, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable technology and environmental stewardship.

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