Top Picks of Electric Cycle for 2024



Electric cycles are rapidly becoming a popular choice in India, offering an eco-friendly and convenient way to navigate city streets and explore nature trails. With numerous brands and models available, choosing the right e-cycle can be overwhelming. This guide explores some of the best electric cycles available for purchase in India in 2024, catering to various needs and budgets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E-Cycle:

  • Budget: E-cycles range from affordable options to premium models. Determine your budget before diving into specific features.
  • Usage: Are you looking for a daily commuter, an e-MTB for off-road adventures, or a comfortable cruiser? Choose a cycle designed for your intended use.
  • Range: Consider how far you typically ride on a single charge and choose an e-cycle with a suitable battery capacity.
  • Motor Power: Higher motor power offers better climbing ability and handles inclines more efficiently.
  • Brand and Warranty: Reputable brands often provide better after-sales service and warranty coverage.

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Top E-Cycles in India (2024):

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most promising e-cycles in India, categorized based on their strengths, along with a comparison table for easy reference:

E-Cycle Comparison Table

FeatureHero Lectro C6iEEMotorad NighthawkEMotorad Doodle v3EMotorad T-REX AIRMotovolt Urbn e-Bike
CategoryValue for MoneyE-MTBFoldableStylishHigh Range
Price (approx.)₹37,999₹5,00,000₹28,000₹45,000₹43,649
Motor Power250W750W Geared Hub350W250W250W
Battery Capacity2.6 Wh840 Wh460 WhNot specifiedNot specified
Claimed Range42 kmUp to 80 km25 km40 kmUp to 120 km
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminiumAluminiumAluminiumHigh-tensile steel
BrakesDisc brakesDisc brakesDisc brakesDisc brakesDisc brakes
Gears7-speedNot specifiedSingle speedNot specifiedNot specified
WeightAround 20 kgAround 27 kgAround 18 kgAround 23 kgAround 40 kg
HighlightsAffordable, user-friendlyPowerful motor, full-suspensionLightweight, foldableStylish designHigh claimed range

Additional E-Cycle Options:

  • For Budget-Conscious Riders: Consider brands like Avon, Komaki, and Firefox offering sub-₹20,000 options. These might have lower motor power and range but are suitable for casual commutes.
  • Looking for Comfort? Explore options like the Bajaj Avenger Cruise e-bike with a comfortable riding position and a backrest, perfect for leisure rides.
  • Emerging Brands: Keep an eye on companies like BGauss, Simple Energy, and TVS iQube, which are launching innovative e-cycles with advanced features.

Traditional vs. Online Retailers:

Both traditional bike shops and online retailers offer e-cycles. Consider factors like after-sales service, test ride availability, and price comparisons when making your purchase.


The Indian e-cycle market is brimming with exciting options in 2024. By considering your needs, budget, and preferred riding style, you can find the perfect electric cycle to enhance your daily commute, weekend adventures, or fitness goals. Explore different brands, compare features, and don’t hesitate to take a test ride before making your final decision. Happy e-cycling!

Please note:

  • Specific battery capacities and frame materials might not be available on all brand websites.
  • Claimed ranges can vary depending on riding conditions and terrain.
  • Prices are approximate and subject to change.

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