Vanadium discovery in Gujarat sparks hope for domestic EV battery production


Good news for India’s electric vehicle (EV) ambitions! Recent discoveries of vanadium, a critical metal for VRFBs (Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries), have placed Gujarat in the spotlight as a potential hub for domestic battery production. This finding could significantly reduce India’s reliance on imported lithium and boost its EV sector.

Vanadium deposits were unearthed in sediment samples collected from the Gulf of Khambhat, near Alang. The National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET) spearheaded this exploration, with the cost pegged at Rs 86.28 lakh. While the exact extent of the reserves remains unknown, the discovery holds immense promise.

VRFBs offer numerous advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries. They boast longer lifespans, superior scalability, and enhanced safety, making them ideal for large-scale energy storage applications. However, widespread adoption has been hindered by the limited availability and high cost of vanadium.

The Gujarat discovery could be a game-changer. The Indian government is already taking steps to capitalize on this opportunity. The Ministry of Mines is expediting exploration and mining activities, while offering financial incentives to companies investing in vanadium processing and battery manufacturing.

This development holds immense potential for India’s EV sector:

  • Reduced dependence on lithium imports: Currently, India heavily relies on imported lithium for its battery needs. Domestic vanadium production could mitigate this reliance, boosting self-sufficiency and security.
  • Boosted domestic battery production: The availability of local vanadium can incentivize the establishment of VRFB manufacturing facilities in India, creating jobs and fostering technological advancement.
  • Enhanced EV adoption: Lower battery costs and the availability of VRFBs could accelerate the adoption of EVs in India, contributing to cleaner energy and sustainable transportation.

While further exploration and investment are needed to fully unlock this potential, the discovery of vanadium in Gujarat marks a significant step forward for India’s EV ambitions. It offers a promising path towards a more sustainable and self-reliant future in the realm of electric mobility.

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