Xiaomi Enters EV Car Market with SU7 and SU7 Max upto 800KM Range, Speeding into Tesla’s Territory


Revolutionizing the Road: Xiaomi’s Leap into Electric Cars

In a groundbreaking move, Xiaomi has officially entered the electric vehicle arena with the SU7 series. Announced at an event in China, these electric marvels are set to redefine the automotive landscape, boasting cutting-edge technology, futuristic design, and an unwavering commitment to performance.

Tech at the Core: HyperEngine Motors and Xiaomi HyperOS

The SU7 and SU7 Max models are powered by Xiaomi HyperEngine V6/V6s motors, operating at 21000 rpm, with an upcoming HyperEngine V8s, set to offer a remarkable 27200 rpm by 2025. Xiaomi’s proprietary HyperOS drives these electric wonders, ensuring a seamless and intelligent driving experience.

Futuristic Interior: Hyper Screens, Sports Seats, and D-Shaped Steering Wheel

Inside the SU7 series, drivers are welcomed by a 16.1-inch large touch screen, a 56-inch HUD (Heads-Up Display), and a 7.1-inch flip instrument screen. The intelligent integration system, coupled with a central control screen supporting keyboard expansion, enhances the user experience. Xiaomi emphasizes comfort with sports-style seats and a traditional D-shaped steering wheel.

Design Elegance: Inspired by Renowned Car Manufacturers

The Xiaomi automobile design team, featuring experts from globally renowned car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, meticulously crafted the SU7’s body proportions to achieve a sleek sports car-like appearance. The exterior showcases water drop-shaped headlights, a halo-shaped tail light, and a G4 continuous curvature, setting a new standard in automotive aesthetics.

Aerodynamic Marvel: Lowest Drag Coefficient in the World

With 8 sets of air ducts, 17 air outlets, and an electric rear wing providing 130 kilograms of downforce, the SU7 achieves the world’s lowest drag coefficient of Cd 0.195. This aerodynamic prowess ensures optimal performance and efficiency on the road.

People-Centered Cockpit: Leading in Space and Sound

The SU7 adopts a “people-centered cockpit,” offering an expansive glass area, dynamic ambient lighting, and a remarkable 25-speaker sound system with Dolby Atmos. In terms of space, the vehicle surpasses competitors, providing ample room for both front and rear occupants.

Power and Performance: The SU7 and SU7 Max

The SU7 accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 5.28 seconds, featuring a 73.6-degree iron lithium battery, a 668 km battery life, and a 400V platform. On the other hand, the SU7 Max boasts a 101Kwh CATL Integrated Battery Technology, offering up to 800 km range and super-fast charging capabilities, achieving 220 km in 5 minutes and 510 km in 15 minutes.

Safety First: Armored Body and High Torsional Stiffness

Xiaomi prioritizes safety with an armored steel-aluminum hybrid body, providing a strength of 2000MPa. The SU7 series achieves the highest vehicle torsional stiffness of 51000 N·m/deg in mass-produced cars and is equipped with a comprehensive safety system, including 7 airbags.

Coming Soon: SU7 Series in Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green

While the pricing and sale date remain undisclosed, Xiaomi has promised that the SU7 series will roll out in China in 2024. The series will be available in three captivating colors: Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray, and Verdant Green.

Xiaomi’s SU7 series marks the beginning of a new era in electric vehicles, blending technology, design, and performance into an unparalleled driving experience.