Cheapest Electric Cars in India – Budget Friendly Electric Cars 2022-2023


The Cheapest Electric Cars in India – The Best Information About Electric Cars 

Electric Cars Are Here

If cars have increasingly become an urban necessity today, more so for the upper middle and middle classes, then the emergence of electric cars is the latest fad in the car automobile industry.

The Revolution That They May Spark

Electric cars are stated to have commenced a revolution in the automobile industry as they depend on much less polluting electrical energy and not crude oil, which is villainously playing havoc with the climate conditions on our only natural habitat, the Earth, as per the climate scholars.

Budget-Friendly Electric Cars That May Fit Your Pocket – The Soon You Buy The Better

 The trend is favoring electric cars and the future may belong to them. It’s better if you make the choice early. As Electric Cars begin to splurge the Indian markets, we provide you with this article that may tell you about the cheapest electric cars in India:’

Well, there are 12 electric cars being sold in India. You can consider the most budget friendly and the cheapest EV card.

Well, on the whole, there are two EV cars, which are priced below and around Rs 10 lakh – PMV EaS E and and Tata Tiago EV. 

And there are two more EV cars which are not so cheap options but worth mentioning which cost around Rs 15 Lakh (Tata Tigor EV & Tata Nexon EV Prime). These two may or may not fit in your budget. But they too are good

Let’s know some broad outlines of the four EV cars: The Two Cheapest Electric Cars Being Sold In India:

1)  PMV EaS E – Reckoned As the Nano of Electric Cars – A starting price of around Rs 4 lakh, ex-showroom – upto 200 km Range

i) It is technically a microcar not exactly a passenger car. It is also classified as a quadricycle. 

ii) It is the cheapest EV microcar in the personal mobility vehicle segment in India, whose price stands at Rs 4.79 Lakh.

iii) It comes with a 48V lithium-iron-phosphate battery and can be charged using a 15A socket in less than four hours using the onboard charger

iv) This microcar can be had in three range options – 120, 160 and 200 km..

v) As it is a quadricycle, its steering wheel is in the centre of the dashboard. Besides, the handbrake is affixed on the left side of the adjustable drver’s seat.

2) Tata Tiago EV – The cheapest EV car being sold in the Indian markets 

i) The cheapest Electrical Vehicle car besides the microcar PMV EaS E

ii) The price of Tata Tiago EV starts at Rs. 8.49 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 11.79 Lakh  

iii) Below is the table displaying the different prices for the variants of Tata Tiago EV.

iv) It comes with a 24 KWh battery whose charging time is 3.6 hours

v) Important features include, Power Steering, Power Windows Front, Anti Lock Braking System, Air Conditioner, driver airbag, passenger airbag, wheel covers, automatic climate control fog lights – front.

The Other Two EV Car Options:

3) Tata Tigor EV –  The Diverse EV Cars:

i) Tata Tigor EV price ranges from Rs. 12.49 lakh to Rs. 13.75 lakh.

ii) Tata Tigor EV is offered in 4 variants – the base model of Tigor EV is XE (priced at Rs 12.49 lakh), then Tigor EV XT (priced at Rs 12.99 lakh), the third EV XZ (costing Rs 13.49 lakh) and the top variant Tata Tigor EV XZ Plus LUX which comes at a price tag of Rs. 13.75 Lakh.

iii) Important features include: Power Steering, Power Windows Front, Anti Lock Braking System, Air Conditioner.

iv) Other features are: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Wheel Covers, Automatic Climate Control Fog Lights – Front.

4) Tata Nexon EV Prime – The EV Cars With New Features

i) The price of Tata Nexon EV Prime ranges from around Rs 15 lakh to around Rs 16.50 lakh

ii) Tata Nexon EV Prime has three variants: 
a) XM  is automatic, it comes at a price of Rs 14.99 lakh.

b) XZ+ is automatic which comes at a price of Rs.16.30 lakh

c)  XZ+ is automatic and is priced at Rs16.49 Lakh

iii) The charging period is 9 hours at 230 V.

iv) Other features: Easy Maintenance, Fast Charging, Positive Impact on Environment
Powerful performance

Variant Price
XM Rs. 14.99 lakhs
XZ+ Rs. 16.3 lakhs
Dark XZ+ Rs. 16.49 lakhs
XZ+ Lux Rs. 17.3 lakhs
Dark XZ+ Lux Rs. 17.5 lakhs
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