First Electric 2 Seater Car of Porsche would be a 718 Model


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Germany’s big auto company Porsche has announced its first electric car.


According to the company, this electric car will be of 718 models and will have 2 seats. Porsche will also launch a hybrid version of its 911 model, but the company has not revealed anything about the time of its launch.

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Porsche showed a glimpse of its Mission R car at the Munich Auto Show 2021. It was at this auto show that everyone got hints that Porsche might launch a 718 Boxster/Cayman-style electric car.

Now the company has confirmed that one of its electric cars is going to be launched soon. This electric car will be the company’s third electric model. The company currently sells Taycan electric cars and the Macan electric car may be launched by 2023.

In the year 2021, 41,296 Porsche Taycans were sold worldwide. Last year 38,464 Porsche 911 cars were sold. The 911 car is the most popular car of Porsche. Thus, in the last year 2021, the Porsche Taycan car has sold more than the Porsche 911. In the year 2021, Porsche sold 3,01,915 vehicles, which is an increase of 11% (2,72,162) over the year 2020.

Porsche has sold the most cars in the world in the year 2021 in China. In the last year 2021, Porsche has sold 95,000 vehicles in China, which is 7.5% more than the year 2020. The demand for the company’s car has also been good in the US where Porsche has sold 70,000 vehicles last year, which is 22% more than in 2020. Porsche has achieved 9% growth in Germany in the year 2021.

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The company wants to launch 50% of all its new model’s electric cars by 2025. Porsche wants to make 80% of all its model’s electric cars by 2030.


Is it right to buy an electric scooter?

Buying an electric scooter is absolutely right as it costs more than petrol/diesel-powered scooters to run it. Apart from this, it also costs less in its maintenance.

Which is the first electric scooter of India?

The S340 model of Ather Energy was the first electric scooter in the country.

Which are the biggest electric scooter companies in India?

Ather Energy, Revolt Motors, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor, Hero Electric, Okinawa, Ola Electric, Simple Energy, and Okaya Electric are some of the biggest electric scooter companies in the country.

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Why does India need an electric car?

To deal with the increasing pollution problem in the country, we need to promote electric vehicles. Over time, power sources like batteries to run electric vehicles will become cleaner, which will be good for the environment.

Are electric cars successful in India?

Electric Vehicles- Electric Cars and Electric Scooters in the country are registering good sales numbers as compared to last year. This proves that the public is openly accepting electric vehicles. With this, many promotional schemes of the government will definitely encourage the sales of electric vehicles in the country.

Which is the cheapest electric car in India?

Storm R3 is the cheapest electric car in India which comes at Rs.4.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom). Then there is the Tata altroz ​​electric car which comes at Rs. 5.26 lakhs.

Which company manufactures electric cars in India?

The country’s first electric car company is Mahindra, which launched India’s first electric car, Reva, in 2001 itself. Later the company has also launched new models like Mahindra E20 and eVerito. Apart from Mahindra, Tata Motors, Hyundai, and Ashok Leyland are some other big electric vehicle companies.

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