Strictly Electric Company Launches Electric Conversion kit for Cycles


Strictly Electric Company launches electric conversion kit for cycles, Strictly Electric Launches Electric Conversion Kit for Cycles.

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Electric cycles are becoming very popular in India and the general public is taking a lot of interest in them.


Mumbai-based electric vehicles company Strictly Electric has launched India’s first universal electric conversion kit to convert any normal bicycle into an electric cycle.

The name of this universal conversion kit of the company is EasyKit, with the help of which any normal cycle can be changed in less than 20 minutes by the Do It Yourself (DIY) method.

Many types of bicycles are sold in India such as road cycle, mountain cycle, cruiser cycle, city cycle, racer cycle. Apart from this, electric cycles come in 23 standard formats.

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In the current electric cycles, the battery remains fixed. Therefore, it is very difficult to charge these electric cycles in a multi-story building. The company has given a removable battery in Strictly Electric’s EasyKit. With this, its battery and charger can be charged anywhere by removing them from the cycle.

After installing the EasyKit on any normal bicycle, after removing this kit, the electric bicycle becomes a normal bicycle again.

After installing this kit, the cost of cycling comes to only 10 paise per km. According to the company, by installing this conversion kit, any electric cycle can go up to 25 km in a single charge. After installing this kit, the battery of an electric bicycle can be charged up to 70% in 1 hour.

Strictly Electric company has given a pedal-assist mode in this kit which instructs its motor to give extra power to the cycle by calculating the effort involved in normal cycling. With the help of this kit, any cycle can be driven like a moped/scooter using the throttle mode.

This conversion kit of the company is available for prebooking on the company’s website for Rs 499.


Strictly Electric Company was founded by Mihir Pawar and Durgesh Garud together to promote Electric Vehicles in India.

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Is buying an e-bike the right decision?

Buying an e-bike/cycle is the right decision as it is good for health and also saves money. This also keeps our environment safe.

Which is the best e-bike/bicycle?

Hero Lectro, Nibe Motors, Triad, and Geeke e-bikes/cycles are considered good e-bikes/cycles.

How fast can this bike/cycle go?

This bike/cycle can normally give an hour speed of 32 kms but it can also give a top speed of 45 kms for an hour.

Which is the fastest e-bike/cycle?

The Thunder model of Orbis Cycles delivers the fastest speed which is clocked at 25 Km.

Is it right to buy Hero Electric Cycle?

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