Ninety One Cycles Launches Meraki S7 Electric Cycle in 34,999 Rs


Ninety One Cycles Launches Meraki S7 Electric Cycle in 34,999 Rs.

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Electric cycle company Ninety One Cycles has launched its latest electric cycle Meraki S7 in the Indian market.


The Meraki S7 electric cycle is priced at Rs 34,999 and has all the features of a Meraki electric cycle. Apart from these features, the latest electric bicycle also gets a Shimano Torney 7 speed gearset, 5 modes pedal assist, and a smart LCD screen.

The Meraki S7 electric cycle from Ninety One Cycles is not affected by rain and dust. The company has given 160 MM disc brakes in this electric cycle and it is fitted with high traction nylon tires, which keeps the cyclist safe.

According to the company, the Meraki S7 electric cycle is designed for consumers who cycle 30-40 kms every day. The lock of this electric cycle is very strong and it is difficult to break it. With this, you can keep this electric cycle anywhere without worrying about theft.

The Meraki S7 electric cycle is very stylish to look at and is designed keeping in mind the needs of the youth in India.

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Ninety-One Cycles is selling through multiple mediums/channels to take its electric cycles to the consumers. The company’s electric cycles are available on the company’s website and other websites. Apart from these, these electric cycles are also available in major cycle shops.

Seeing the growth of the company, Avaana Capital, Titan Capital, A91 Partners, and Fireside Ventures have invested USD 30 million (Rs 223.7 crore) in Series A funding in December 2021. With this investment, the value of the company has increased to Rs 1,000 crore.


Ninety-One Cycles Company was founded in 2015 by Sachin Chopra and Vishal Chopra. The company’s cycles are available in 1000 retail shops across 500 cities in India. The company challenges cycle companies like Decathlon and BSA Hercules with its cycles.

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Which is the fastest e-bike/cycle?

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