Electric Vehicles Company Canopus Launches 4 Electric Scooters in India


Electric Vehicles Company Canopus Launches 4 Electric Scooters in India.

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Electric scooters have now become everyone’s choice in India. The everyday company is launching their new models in the market. Seeing the popularity of electric scooters, Canopus company has entered the electric vehicles industry.


Electric vehicles company Canopus has today launched 4 electric scooter models – Aurora, Scarlett, Colette, and Valeria.

The company has given CAMIVT technology for transmission, FOC technology for the controller, tailor-made motor, and an efficient energy conservation system in these scooter models. All these models will be available in the market from next month March 2022.

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The Canopus company has given advanced features like geo-fencing, GPS tracking, SOS for women in an emergency, and roadside assistance in these electric scooter models. The company’s electric scooter models also get features like the Internet of Things (IoT) based telematics, a smart TFT dashboard, and a mobile app. This mobile app provides information about the driving behavior, battery status of the scooter rider.

The battery of these electric scooters can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. With the company’s new battery technology, 80% of the battery can be charged in the future in just 30 minutes. In these electric scooters, the company will also offer the option of removable/swappable batteries.

Canopus is a joint venture between the company SRAM & MRAM and ATD Group which will make electric scooters. The headquarter of this company will be in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and it will invest Rs 100 crore to develop electric vehicles. According to the company, it has completed the prototype of its electric vehicles and is currently setting up its dealer network.

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According to the company, its electric scooter will cost 20 paise per km to run and its scooters will meet the needs of everyone from students to employed people and women.

Consumers can buy their electric scooters from the company ATD Finance on easy terms.

The Canopus company will produce its electric scooters in Rajasthan and the company will set up a Research and Development (R&D) center in Ahmedabad. The company will start producing its scooters from April 2022, which will be 99% made in India.

With the launch of these electric scooters, the company is trying to bring electric vehicles to consumers in India at a low cost. The company will make these scooters under the Make in India effort, which will create a large number of employment opportunities in India. Apart from producing these electric scooters, Canopus will also set up physical and technological infrastructure and charging stations.


According to the company, this electric scooter is a great solution for students, employees of delivery companies, and people troubled by vehicle parking. The Canopus company will train private garage owners and mechanics in the technology of electric scooters so that they can service them. For this, the company will also set up an excellence center where roadside mechanics will be trained.

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