Sony exhibits electric vehicles, plans to launch automobile brand


Sony exhibits electric vehicles, plans to launch automobile brand. Sony Group Corporation recently announced VISION-S, an initiative aimed at contributing to the evolution of mobility, and exhibited an electric vehicle prototype at its booth at CES 2020. Subsequently, it began testing on public roads in Europe alongside testing of verification of the safety and user experience of the imaging and detection technology installed inside and outside the vehicle, and the human-machine interface (HMI) system.

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In addition to showcasing the vehicles, the Japanese conglomerate announced that it will launch a new company, Sony Mobility Inc., in the spring of this year. The new company will harness artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies to harness the potential of a world in which robots add productivity to human life. Sony’s focus will revolve around security, adaptability, and entertainment.

Packed with tech

The system supports safe driving by recognizing and analyzing the surrounding environment in real-time, with sensors installed 360 degrees around the vehicle. These sensors include high-sensitivity, high-resolution, wide-dynamic-range CMOS image sensors and LiDAR sensors that accurately detect three-dimensional space. Furthermore, the system provides an intuitive interaction with the driver together with the vehicle’s sound system and the HMI system, so that the driver can accurately judge the state of the surrounding environment, such as the presence of emergency vehicles, even from inside. vehicle.

VISION-S vehicles provide intuitive driver interaction in conjunction with the vehicle’s sound and HMI systems, so that the driver, even when seated inside the vehicle, can accurately judge the state of the surrounding environment, including the presence of emergency vehicles. Through the variety of sensors and advanced communication technology, Sony seeks to improve safety and comfort. It is currently conducting functional verification tests in Europe with the aim of unlocking Level 2+ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The vehicle will also allow users to customize the display theme and acceleration and deceleration sounds, providing a personalized environment that is tailored to the preferences of each user.

Being 5G-enabled provides the vehicle with cloud connectivity that also has low latency, high capacity, and is fast. This also allows synchronization of vehicle settings, key locks, and user settings. In addition, since updates are reflected in the vehicle over the air (OTA), it is possible to provide security and develop service functions and value-added offerings. continually.

In addition, time-of-flight (ToF) sensors are used to provide monitoring functions for driver authentication and to keep an eye on passengers.

Realizing the future today

In addition to sensors, Sony has implemented remote operation as an important technology in anticipation of the advent of the age of autonomous driving and has conducted extensive tests in Germany and Japan with 5G.

Sony Mobility Inc. will try to make the best use of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies. Paired with Sony’s Airpeak drone, VISION-S is a compelling reason to sit back and take note of technologies that were until recently considered close to the future.

Along with electrically powered vehicles, the next big thing in the auto industry is driverless or autonomous cars. Tesla already has a Level 2 range for its cars and says it will implement the Level 4 range later this year. Apple, the leading consumer technology company, also has plans to launch an autonomous car by 2025.