Lime Gen4 – New e-Bike Featuring Swappable Batteries


The Gen4 e-bike features a variety of updates, including increased motor power and an improved phone holder

Lime has released its latest electric bike, which features a variety of updates. The Gen4, in the company’s signature green and white colors, has an interchangeable battery, in an effort to improve the sustainability and availability of the company’s shared vehicles.

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The launch is initially limited to Washington D.C., but the electric bike will launch through small-scale pilots in other cities this spring, including Atlanta and Charleston in the US.

In early 2021, Lime announced a $ 50 million investment in the Gen4 model. The battery can be used between Lime’s Gen4 electric bikes and Gen4 electric scooters (released in 2021), hopefully resulting in reduced truck trips for the Lime operations team to replace the batteries. The feature is also designed to improve service reliability and prevent large numbers of unloaded and unusable vehicles from lying on the sidewalks.

“The launch of our Gen4 electric bike is an important step in achieving our mission of building a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free,” said Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime. “Standardizing our interchangeable batteries in all modes is a breakthrough for Lime and the micro-mobility industry in general, making operations more efficient and sustainable while improving reliability for users.”

Other significant updates to the bike include increased engine power, and improved phone mount, a new screen on the handlebars (already seen on Lime’s electric scooters), a two-speed automatic transmission for a smoother ride, and a sleek design. modular which, according to the company, extends the life of the bicycle to five years – durability is a major issue for the micro-mobility industry.

The demand for electric bikes shared or not, appears to continue at a steady pace, as Americans apparently bought electric bikes at a higher price than electric cars during the pandemic. Here are all the electric bikes and scooters that were unveiled at CES 2022 to get a glimpse of what’s ahead.