Electric Vehicles | Good news for electric motorists


Electronic Vehicles: Good News for Electric Motorists.

Electronic Vehicles – Electric vehicles are on the rise in the state.

There are currently 9,184 EVs roaming the roads in Telangana.

This includes 7,367 bikes and 984 cars. In addition, 120 three-wheelers and 713 goods vehicles are plying on the roads.

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The government is also planning to increase the number of charging stations to cater to the growing number of vehicles.

In the past, buyers of EVs thought twice about one. This is due to the low number of charging stations.

But, the state government has taken steps to increase the charging stations in line with the currently increasing EV purchases.

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While there are already 30 electric charging stations in Greater Hyderabad, Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TS Redco) is planning to set up another 108 new stations.

Of these, 88 stations are expected to be set up under GHMC.

The joint is working on setting up 10 stations in Warangal and Karimnagar districts.

Information that Rs.12.60 will be charged per unit. Of this, Rs 6 will be added to the discs.

The rest belongs to the managers.

There is a chance to make an estimate for the electrical commercial for these stations and another estimate according to the domestic.

Experts say it is better to use electric vehicles as petrol and diesel prices have gone up in the state.

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It is said that these can also reduce air pollution.

The Center has already directed all the state governments in all the states of the country to use electric vehicles as an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles.

There are those who say that the government has increased petrol and diesel prices to increase the use of these.

The government has always suggested the use of electric vehicles in all government offices. Meanwhile, the state government also hopes to make EVs available in all government offices on a release basis as a pilot project.

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Today, tomorrow is the ‘Go Electric’ campaign

The state government, TS Redco will raise awareness among the people to increase the use of electric vehicles.
That is why the ‘Go Electric’ campaign will be held for two days on Saturdays and Sundays.
The People’s Plaza on Necklace Road will be the venue for the electric vehicle road show.
The show will be launched by Minister Jagadish Reddy.